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Workshop: Mars meets Venus (Luxembourg)

How many times have you wondered what goes on in a potential partner’s mind? How many times have you thought of what could be that one thing that you could do to awaken his/her interest? Or maybe you just want to understand what do they (the opposite sex) really want?
Wouldn’t it be great to hear the answers to all these questions directly from the source? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get the chance to freely ask your queries and get the answers to all the dilemmas tormenting you directly from the opposite sex?
Of course it would be great and this is exactly what this event is all about.
This Workshop is going to give you the chance of having open discussions on a neutral ground with the opposite sex and get a good insight on what they are thinking, how they are reacting and what do they really want. Simultaneously, you will get to answer the questions that they may have for you, ensuring a mutually beneficial exchange of information.
The newly gained knowledge and sharing, is going to offer you the wisdom and power to adjust your way of approaching the opposite sex, you will be able to start modifying your responses and actions in order to get more of what you want.

Organizational details:
This panel of open discussions will start by a brief introduction on gender differences and misinterpretations, misconceived ideas and blocks that could intervene in the way of having truly fulfilled and great relationships. Next we will move on to the open discussions.
Once you have secured your place for the event, you are more than welcome to send me any questions of your interest.

In order to ensure that everybody gets their questions answered every person may send a maximum of three questions, which will be openly discussed during the Seminar.
If you prefer, you can choose to keep your anonymity for the sent questions such that nobody (except the organizer) will know which was the author of the question.

Securing your place in advance (by writing an email to Protected content is important as at the current location there is a limited number of sits available and it is my highest commitment to ensure that everybody feels comfortable during the event. Depending on the number of subscriptions I may decide to change the venue to a more spacious one.

Current Event Location: 54, rue de Neudorf, Luxembourg
Date and time: 13th of November, 7.30pm

Luxembourg Forum