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Help Dumb American Become A Ukrainian Superhero (Lviv)

I wish to fully integrate in Ukraine, but I need your help becoming an American Cossack (Козаки) who plays his bandura (бандура) while riding his horse to and from his mountain hut (хата Protected content

Seriously though, I now live in an apartment a couple minutes walk from Market Square (Площа Ринок). I have a couple friends here in Lviv and one in Zaporizhia. They have been a great help to me. I would like the opportunity to meet other friends and business partners here in Ukraine!

I am well-versed in English as a native speaker. I am a software developer. I went to school for engineering. Now I primarily work in web development, but I am constantly learning and trying new things.

I am willing to teach English for part-time employment if you are interested. Keep in mind I will need to leave Ukraine in early August. It is possible I will stay much longer if I can manage a long-term visa.

If you would like a friend to practice English with, perhaps you can help me adapt to the culture and language in Ukraine as well ))

Are you bored, interested in learning, taking an adventure, or looking for a business partner? Please let me know!

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