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Good day folks. Please allow me to cut to the chase, I am a retired American Structural Engineer, now residing in Lviv, searching for a fun person to translate English into Russian for me when conducting Job Fairs, High School, College forums. My goal is to reach out to students interested in pursuing a career in engineering. The concept was given to me by an acquaintance who is a Professor at Lviv Polytechnic National University. The Professor requested I spend some of my free-time stimulating the youth of Lviv to aspire to reach their dreams; in giving back to the community and craft which has been so good to me. I sat and thought – why not? A little about myself, I graduated from UC Berkeley (Cal), California USA receiving my BE degree in Structural Engineering. I continued on at Irvine, completing the MEng program. Now for the hard part, to find a job. I worked for a Fortune Protected content for many years as a Structural Engineer, before going at it on my own where I was the Principle on countless projects around the globe. I worked on every continent, designing anything from tunnels to bridges to buildings. This is actually how I landed in Ukraine, as I was one of the consultants on the Ocean Plaza Mall in Kiev back in Protected content . I worked hard, retired early (in my early 40’s), and now wake up each morning in Lviv…. wondering “what in the world was I thinking??!!” Kidding ;0)

Okay, enough about me. What I am hoping to do, is stimulate young minds to know that the world of engineering is fascinating, a field full of self-development and fulfillment; and you can make a lot of money. However, true joy in life does not come from any type of material form, but accomplishment and the joy of knowing that your perseverance, focus and sweat resulted in something which will makes people’s lives better on many accounts. The added joy of understanding that life is a journey, not necessarily a destination. Oh, one last thing, there is no money involved for the requested translation. So asking that you volunteer your time as I am. I do promise to buy you lunch at a café of your choosing and all the libations you can swallow as thanks for partnering up with me. Any native Russian/Ukrainian speakers who wish to join me on this adventure of the spirit, please let me know!

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