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Being a Foreigner (Madrid)

Being a foreigner might not be the first time for many in InterNations. Constantly on the move over continents might be yearly for some. With the years of moving and changing, have you ever wonder where is home? When you move with family, home is where they are. When you move for a BF/GF, home is where he/she is. When you move for yourself, home is where you build it. However, after years of moving and changing, the time and distance have separated you and the ones once loved you and you loved. Some of them stay, and some of them drift away.
Sometimes we think, living in that country is all i want. Being in that city is what makes me complete. You give up your family, friends, career and even BF/GF, you move for your dream. When the reality hits you again and again, harder and harder, the barriers of language and culture, the weather and the food is so much different from anywhere you lived, have you ever doubted, just like when you first made the decision to move, if this is actually the most suitable place for you? You go out, you meet people, you learn the language, you live without judgement, you think as long as you try harder, you will be one of the citizens and you will make this city yours and you might call it home, some day.
For all of us, who has given up everything from the life before, coming all the way for the city, MADRID, I ask everyone, Spanish or foreigners, long stay or short stay, to be nice and open to each other so all we have given up, will exchange for a sense of solace.
After all, we are here to ofter and we are not here to take away anything.

For anyone anywhere has the feeling of being addicted to homesickness, solitude and loneliness, I'd like to organise an 'AA' regularly. Instead of going out to keep trying meeting people, let's first face the fact that we, everyone, at times are lonely. Many of us have a home but many of us don't know where is home, not anymore.

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