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Dog caretakers (Madrid)

Hi Everyone!

My husband and I recently moved to Madrid. We have a mini schnauzer dog with whom we are able to spend a lot of time in general but sometimes we have to travel. We heard about few dog pensions in and around the city.
BUT we were wondering if anyone knows a place that is more familiar and more cozy than a dog pension. What do I mean by that?
We are looking for a place where for example someone at their own house with garden takes care of only a few dogs at a time. There are no separate kennels, dogs get to be outside a lot in the garden, play with each other and there is more attention to the dogs in general. So, it´s a little bit like being at home with other dog friends...
Maybe it´s a lot to ask, but in Switzerland (where we were living before) we found a place like this and it was absolutely fantastic and we were so relaxed when we left our dog there.

Thanks so much in advance!

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