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Great Seafood (Mariscos) (Madrid)

Anyone Knows great seafood restaurants that just cares about great seafood around Madrid? And by chance close to Rivas-Vaciamadrid. I'm really interested in Shellfish and specialty restaurants, like crab, clam, lobster houses. I have found that most seafood dishes for some reason are expensive. Expensive is relative to portion size and experience consuming the dish. I'm accustomed to seafood from the Northeast and Florida (Atlantic), however I've grown accustomed to Mediterranean seafood. Some of the best places I've experienced good seafood at a good price are generally close to ports in La Coruna, Cadiz, Southern parts of Portugal Algarve. I've eaten all along the cost of the Almeria region and never gotten really excited. Always really expensive or could have been prepared better. What I really miss are quantities of big shrimp (and what happened to cocktail sauce around here:) AND big lobsters. The bogavante here just doesn't do it for me. I use to walk to Chinatown in NY every Saturday mornings and buy several 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 pound lobsters for just $7.50 each. And admittedly Protected content Boston Lobsters can be expensive, but.... awesome, awesome, good eating. Here's one for you, if you are ever in Lorbe, Google this place RESTAURANT VILLA II. You will eat like a king and it won't break your wallet. And if you like Mussles, oh my Goddddd... See ya.

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