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My name is Ana Peña, and I am using the Internations account of Nenad Jovanovic to defend myself from the ABUSE and MOBBING that I am suffering from Internations - my account is blocked since few months ago.
I am an Albatros member of Internations society since January Protected content since then I paid each year my Albatros membership fee in advance for the full year. In the last 2 years I attended only 1 Internations event, but despite of that in January of Protected content maintained my Albastros membership status because it is renewed automatically,
However, in January Protected content received an email with a notice that my membership for Protected content not paid. My membership was renovated automatically, but since my credit card had expired the payment could not be processed. As soon as I received the notice of unpaid membership, I kindly requested that my membership/subscription is canceled, and explained that it is an automatic renovation and annual payment in advance for the services I haven’t been using for a long time, and the most important, did not have intentions to use Internations services in the future. The reply I received was “PAY”! Since that moment I received incalculable number of threatening emails whose only objective was that I make a payment. Today’s email goes one step further: I received an email from Internations’ Legal Department, attached in this publication, where I am threatened again. Email says that in case I do not make a payment within next 24h, “MY CASE” will be sent to “DEBT COLLECTORS”, and negatively impact my credit ratings!!!
By this message I would like to say that the policy of insisting on payment of services I will NOT be using is a TOTAL AND ABSOLUTE ABUSE, especially because I informed them of my intentions the same day I received an email from Internations.
I feel ASHAMED that I formed part of Internations, not because of its members, but because of the management! The management that preaches one thing but acts as they are: organization interested in only one thing: MONEY!!! They are interested only in MONEY even it must be earned in an UNETHICAL manner!! That’s the spirit of Internations???
p.s. Amazon, to name just one example, doesn’t oblige you to pay for the full year in case you want to cancel your subscription!!

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