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Legal advice required (Madrid)

My (Spanish) girlfriend and I have been caught up in the middle of her brother´s unbelievable divorce problems.

Without going into the minutae of our problem, the crux of it is this - she has been able to take possession of items belonging to us and is refusing to give them back.

The Spanish legal system - and we have spoken with the Policia, Guardia Civil and several lawyers, all seem powerless to do anything to help. We have made a Denuncia but there is apparently no time frame that the court system works to!

It´s incredible! The most important things she has possession of at the moment are all of the physical products I need to operate my Spanish registered S.L. company. I am losing money every day and I cannot find anyone to talk to who can offer any constructive advice other than we have to wait!

Am I living in an EU country or a third world country?

I have spoken to the British Consulate and they, as could be predicted, are useless and unable to help. They didn´t even want to know what my problem was when I tried to explain it. Reminds me why I left the UK in the first place...

Does anyone know of any situation of this kind, or of any discussion groups/forums where I might be able to get some help or advice?

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