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Looking for a singer to form electronic music act (Madrid)


I'm trying to find a vocalist (male or female) to partner up with. I have done a number of one off tracks 'featuring' guest singers, but now I'm really keen to find a longterm partner, the idea being to form a live act and perform regularly on the club and festival circuit. I am starting this project from scratch so please do not expect to sing in front of 10.000 people at least at the beginning...

I am a professional saxophone player and I've had some DJ'ing experience (playing mostly 'underground' dance stuff). Over the last few years I've spent my time and energy working on the creative and technical challenges of music production. I´ve published some albums and I am really looking forward to promote it playing live gigs in Madrid.

I have a number of instrumental tracks written, some with full vocals, loads of rough sketches / song starting idea's, and plenty more finished tracks that could easily be adapted, changed around etc. I'm happy to collaborate in any way that works, whether that's working on new material from scratch, working on something you may have already on the go - anyway that get's good results I'm up for!

The styles and inspirations I draw from is a mixture of Disco, Techno, House, Funk, Folk, Indie and Rock, with loads of 80's influences, as well as Film / Game Scores. So I'm really looking for someone who has a wide range of musical tastes. I'm more of a 'make a different type of track each time' producer, rather then the 'make the same track over' type.

I can send you a Soundcloud link with some of my music. If you're interested the only thing I ask is please only reply if you live in Madrid, have examples of you're singing online, can commit to weekly rehearsals.

thanks for the attention.

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