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Osteopathy, Chiromassage, SportsMassage in Madrid

Dear all,

It is a pleasure to be able to present the natural therapies at your service:

- Osteopathy: It is a Manual Therapy that tries to restore the normalization of the musculoskeletal apparatus, viscera, organs and craniosacral alterations. It uses in its therapy functional techniques, facilitating the movement in the damaged joint and facilitates the joint mobility restructuring the organism as a whole starting from the primary lesion.

- Chiromassage: It is a manual technique based on a series of maneuvers (Kneading, Friction, etc ...) whose purpose is to restore normal conditions in the body, is indicated for various ailments such as contractures, torticollis, lumbalgias, sprains, etc ...
Also massage with volcanic stones excellent to relax the muscles in periods of stress.

- Sports Massage: There really is no special Sports Massage, as there is no such thing as a geriatric massage. The difference lies in the moment of the sport activity in which it is applied and in the therapeutic objectives that we pursue.
o General objectives will be:
▪ To prepare the fabrics for the sport effort, keeping them in an optimal state.
▪ Prevention of injuries in both training and competition.
▪ Recovery of the injuries that appear and the physical form of the athlete.

- Osteopathic treatment with myofascial work approx. 1h: 40 €
- Chiromassage 1 'approx. Specific Part (Full Back, Cervical, Dorsal, Lumbar, Legs, Arms): 30 €
- Chiromassage 1h30 'approx. Whole body: 40 € focusing on the conflict area
- Sports massage 1 'and 1h30': the same prices as Chiromassage
* BONO 5 therapies: Protected content being able to combine the bonus with different manual therapies of the aforementioned

- Monday to Wednesday: 10am to 5pm
- Thursday and Friday: Protected content .
- Weekend: Previus Appointment

- Manuel Montecino Serrano
- Home Therapies and Therapy Center NeoLove
- Address NeoLove: C/ Doctor Esquerdo, Protected content
- Mobile: Protected content
- E-mail: Protected content
- Web: Protected content

Any questions, I would be at your disposal.

Yours sincerely,​

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