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Our Initiative – Against physiological abuse in relationships (DOMESTIC VIOLENCE) (Madrid)

Hello everyone:

Im not very active but Im looking forward to finally be able to join one of the many good events you’re organizing.

I come here to ask you for a very special favour and cooperation. Several people are taking a very important initiative in Madrid. The initiative consists in helping victims of domestic abuse, whether if it’s physical or psychological. We have created a website and we have a profile on Facebook.

Im asking you three things in here:

1. If you know someone who Is in an abusive relationship please share with them the website, they might find some hints that will help them to see their partners are abusing, and maybe they can decide to leave the relationship before is to late.

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2. You can become a FB friend of the profile and page we build to let people know what we call “Invisible Abuse” / “Maltrato Invisible”. You can search by name ( Di No al Maltrato) or by the email ( Protected content )

3. We have so far three initiatives that are in a very early stage: 1. Support group for the victims. 2) Raising awareness through a huge event, and what we recolet will be donated to a shelter home (some of you have a lot of experience in this area of making events, so would be great to count on you, if you feel like participating). And 3) We are trying to contact security companies, that may want to conduct some corporate social responsibility and donate time of their employees to protect victims when is urgent, or restraining orders have not been granted.

4. I receive any suggestions you may have on this or thoughts…

Even though most of us are expats in here, I truly believe we can help our host country in many ways, and certainly believe this would be a critical issue to address…

Best regards!!! And have a fantastic week.almost weekend….

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