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Trouble with landlord - Advice needed! (Madrid)



I am seeking some advice about a problem with my landlord. I have just moved to spain so I am not sure of what is normal in terms of contracts and rules when renting here. Sorry it is a long story....!
I am currently renting a shared flat in Madrid with three other people. I am 25 years old working as a teacher here so I am a responsible tenant. I absolutely love my flat and my flatmates. But the thing is the owner of the flat still has a bedroom here but does not actually stay here. When we signed the contract the landlady said that we were not allowed parties and had to inform her if family were visiting etc. Which was ok. But three weeks into living here she has now decided we are not allowed anyone (boyfriends, friends, family) into the flat AT ALL. Not even for as much as a cup of coffee or dinner. She is very insistent on this and actually quite aggressive when asking her about it. She also comes round almost daily without notice to check up on us. I want to bring friends round and have people visit but I am worried if she finds out she will force us to move out and only has to give us a weeks notice, as it says in the contract.
Can anyone tell me if this is normal when renting? And if legally she is allowed to do this and what my rights are as a tenant? I really love my flat and do not want to move but I don't see how I can stay here with this landlord! Any advice would be much appreciated.


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