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Virtual reality to practice a new language (Madrid)


Hello Everyone,

I am one of three co-founders of a VR language game Startup in Madrid called Play2Speak ( Protected content ). We are trying to change the way people can practice speaking English, specifically using Virtual Reality (VR)!

I was wondering if you can help me out: I am looking to find out if people would use VR to practice a new language? In this case, English (but we will target other languages too).

I have set up a typeform survey of 3 extremely simple questions (should take no more than 30 seconds to complete)
a) VR to learn English
b) Learning reason
c) Age group

Do you think you can fill it out and perhaps even ask a friend or two to do the same??

Thank you so much! This will help us better understand the target market, and maybe even get our demo out to the right people in Protected content .

Survey: Protected content

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