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Anniversary Spotlight — Ambassador Teams Miami

What's the one thing you want the world to know about the InterNations Miami Community?

The Miami Community is one of the most vibrant, energetic, positive, and dynamic communities we’ve had the pleasure to be part of. We truly love the people, the culture, the venues, and (obviously) the sunny weather all year around. The community has been active and extremely supportive towards each member, new faces and old friends, always there to listen and help wherever they can. Especially during the pandemic when the Miami Community kept being one of the most active communities worldwide.

It is so easy to make new friends among the members wherever you go in the World! InterNations Miami community seems having more time (maybe more earlier retiree) and more outgoing maybe rooting from Latino culture.

What does InterNations mean to you?

Being part of an exclusive community, discovering the best venues!

InterNations means to us new friends, new loves, new relationships, new businesses. It means home.

What is one reason why people should join InterNations Events around the world?

Each one of us has a different background but no one likes to be alone. And like the InterNations motto, we want everyone to find a smiling face, a friend, someone that can be there, at our best and our lowest. Events are experiences where you can meet your new best friend, your soulmate, or your business partners.

But at the very least, you will always find members with the same interest. There is always an activity you will love!

Looking forward, what's next for the Miami Ambassador Team? Do you have any plans (big or small) for your community?

Well, we are hosting the biggest InterNations parties on the planet, and yes, we have amazing plans for the future. We want to make InterNations bigger, so we are trying to find the best venues that attract the most people and come up with new ideas for more fun, themed events.

We want to make everyone feel welcome in the community, share their story, their culture, and their insights

The theme for the 15th Anniversary is going "All IN." How does your team or community go “All IN“?

We are ready to extend the invitation to everyone — everyone should feel welcome to join and be part of InterNations. We want to share ideas, make every member feel part of something great, provide a sense of belonging, and make everyone feel at home. We are a big family!

Miami is a radiant city, one of the most gorgeous, exciting, and stylish metropolises on the planet, but it can be tough, especially when you move and don’t know anybody. InterNations, and the ALL IN birthday party will be the most appreciated event the Miami Community has ever organized.


There are two Miami Ambassador teams — they host their events separately.

Team 1: Official Events

Team 2: Official Events and Newcomers’ Events


You’ll be in Miami or nearby during our anniversary month? Then don’t miss the event of the year:

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