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From Christmas Joy to Acts of Kindness in December

The last month of the year, December is the perfect time to create more memories through a mix of events —from happy holiday celebrations to fun surprises. As Christmas is the time to come together nobody stands alone with InterNations. Explore our festive December events with us!

Holiday Spirit: Embracing the Magic of Christmas

On 3 December during the first Advent weekend, the Linz Brunch Group came together in the snowy heart of Austria’s Sauwald region, finding themselves at the breathtaking Knechtelsdorf Christmas market. Under the thousands of twinkling lights and the aroma of the baked apples, they embraced the festive cheer listening to live music by Endless. So, this experience in the snow carried everyone into a fairytale-like setting.

On 6 December, the French of London Group gathered for a delightful French Christmas dinner to embrace the warmth of togetherness and the spirit of the season. Our members came together to share not just Christmas food and drinks, but also the joy of Secret Santa gifting and exchange!

December Tip: Don’t forget to check the festive events in your community to join the fun! As the first weeks of December unfolded, more holiday events are waiting for our members around the world to attend and celebrate together!

Coming Together and Spreading Kindness

Embodying the holiday spirit, the Dublin Changemakers generously volunteered their time on 9 December to wrap Christmas presents for children in need. By lending a helping hand, they filled the beautiful packages with love and care. Following this heartening act, they gathered to drink some coffee to celebrate. Special thanks to event host Idara and everyone who joined in to make Christmas meaningful through their selfless efforts in bringing smiles to children.

Coming together was also at the forefront of the #GlobalLocal event! Organizers Wessam and Nils joined forces with Ambassadors in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Singapore to create this hybrid session that combined an online event with live streams and local interviews from the official events in these cities. An amazing idea to connect global minds across borders!

December Adventures beyond Christmas

On 2 December, the Guangzhou Community came together for an exciting German Night Festival. This official event took place at a prestigious German five-star hotel, offering German drinks and a delightful light buffet filled with German snacks. The evening continued with members participating in sponsored prize draws, showing their moves to the tunes of the DJ, and crowning the Wine Queen of the Night! Special thanks to Guangzhou Ambassador Gisèle for her extraordinary efforts to orchestrate this unforgettable night.

A day before, the Panama City DinnerNations Group gathered to “Let the Tiger Out” at Cantina del Tigre, one of Latin America’s best restaurants. The evening unfolded in a culinary haven where our members savored a delightful dine together.

On 9 December, our New York Fitness and Recreation Group gathered for a magical winter activity — ice skating under the stars. Guided by our Consul RaLuca, members had a chance to learn new tricks on the ice and experience their first strides! Amidst the stunning lights and twinkling stars, they undoubtedly enjoyed their time combining exercise and socializing.

Festive Events You Should Not Miss!

Join the Leuven City Trotters on 17 December for a lovely evening celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Leuven Christmas Market!

If you are in Shanghai on the same day, you can join a fun ferry ride for the best view of both sides of the city by the HuangPu River — and exciting activities! At the end of the evening, enjoy the holiday spirit at Paulaner Brewery to browse their outdoor Christmas market together with other members.

On 20 December, we get together at Tirana, Albania for an InterNations Official Event! Let’s party together to celebrate the past year full of joy and happiness within our community.

Last but not least, to share the holiday spirit, join our members in London in their selfless act of kindness as they volunteer at a Christmas Dinner for the Homeless. After all, no one deserves to be alone at Christmas!

And don’t forget to check the other events of the month waiting for you in your city.

Wishing all of our members happy holidays and a new year filled with joy (and even more exciting events)!


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