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Marketing to Writers and Artists - Help Wanted please .... (Málaga)

Many of you know that I own a bed and breakfast in Cordoba in Spain - it's all over my profile after all ! And the other day I had a brilliant personal coaching session with Richard White, also known as the Accidental Salesman (that's his website), and it's completely changed the way I have been thinking in terms of marketing Casa La Celada.

Up until now, I have been trying to attract the world to come and stay here. But as Richard pointed out, we are a very boutique B&B - we only have three rooms to fill .... and he started to talk about "niche" marketing.

Until now, I've glazed over at that expression - but somehow he got through my glazing tendencies by talking to me about my own passions - I write and blog a lot, and I love to paint ... And before I knew it, I felt myself being completely drawn to his idea of focussing my marketing strategies at Artists and Writers .... after all this area is just stunning - it is inspiration, peace, warmth, openness and tranquility all rolled into one ....

So now I am standing on the edge of a new world ... looking out into my extensive network of people and needing your help.

HOW would you go about achieving what I wish to achieve? How would you reach writers and artists who would like a calm, peaceful retreat to finish their book or collect ideas and sketches for their next exhibition series?

Thanks for your help - in advance :)


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