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possible relocation to Spain (Malaga)

I'm a retired Canadian currently living in the Philippines near my elderly father but I'm hoping to relocate to a new country where there is a good expat (retiree) community (for socialization, support etc as I'm a solo traveler) and I hear Spain is a great place to move to. Would any of you wish to share your experiences with me of why you chose to move to Spain, or tell me if you know of a tour group that specializes in viewing potential relocation areas in Spain?

I know such tour groups exist for Panama and Ecuador but wondered how one could decide (through selective tourism) if any area/city in the country would be a good fit besides just coming and seeing for myself?

I'm looking for warm weather (minimal rain), good infrastructure (internet, public travel), exercise options and of course food options and cultural activities! I know it's hard to find one spot which has it all, but I'm wondering what brought many of you to this place or Spain in general?

Thank you for your time and help!

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