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AFRICAN dish in Malta,SUNDAY,3 February Confirmed

AFRICAN dish in Malta,Travelling to Africa ! (Every 2 weeks)

DINER is confirmed for 3rd of February,Sunday.
If necessary please send me in pv your contacts for details and updates.

For pictures of the dish please go to my profile > Ethio-Eritrean traditional dish

Dear InterNations Members,Malta residents & new arrivals in Malta,I am encouraged to invite you to try a different dish,by the people who have tasted it and found it very delicious (see pictures).

This dinner will be repeated every 2 weeks,as long as there are at least 10 people who want to come.You can invite as many friends as you want,just let me know which day you can come, so that I book it earlier.Time 19: Protected content .

The bread is like a 'pancake' and the main course includes Lentils,both white and red,Zighini (the red spicy meat),Alicha (the yellowish potato with vegetables) and Shiro (the orange one).

For those who are vegetarians,they've same courses like above minus the meat,which is totally free of meat.

After the meal,you will enjoy a different traditional coffee ceremony (traditional coffee roasting,traditional boiling of it in a ceramic pot, ,accompanied with popcorn).Those who tasted these had a very unique experience!

Finally you will see some videos,from Youtube, of some traditional music and dancing of the African countries.

Those who had these experience felt like as if they've traveled to African countries through Malta,and I hope you will feel same!

MEETING POINT:Type in Google maps > HSBC, San Guzepp, Hamrun, Malta .It is just Protected content away from Valletta.Buses no. 50's and 60's heading to HAMRUN,and stop at bus stop name 'DIEGO' and you will see a branch office of HSBC. I will meet you there and take you to the restaurant which is just on the corner.


no.1 Be very hungry
no.2 eat with your hands,no forks,no spoons (I will show you how!)
no.3 there are common plates for group of Protected content (Bringing people closer! that is how we eat it traditionally)
no.4 you've to learn at least one word in one of the African language,before you go home!

Write me message when you will be free to come and how many you will be approximately.

Let me know if you like the idea and if you have more questions.


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