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European Year of Citizens 2013 (Malta)

The European Commission has named Protected content “European Year of Citizens”. The purpose of the Year is to increase EU citizens’ participation in EU civil society and enhance their knowledge of the rights linked to the European citizenship.

The objectives for the European Year of Citizens are to:
1. raise Union citizens' awareness of the right to move and reside freely within the Union and, in this context, of all other rights guaranteed to Union citizens, without discrimination, including their right to vote in local and European elections in any Member State in which they reside;
2. raise awareness among Union citizens, including young people, about how they can tangibly benefit from Union rights, as well as about policies and programmes that exist to support the exercise of those rights;
3. stimulate debate about the impact and potential of the right of freedom of movement and residence, as an inalienable aspect of Union citizenship.

I am looking for (three) members of the public (both Maltese citizens who lived or are living in a EU Member State, as well as non-Maltese EU citizens currently living in Malta) whose life experiences are directly linked to the Year’s objectives and who would be willing to share their story publicly by way of written/audiovisual stories or by participating in the schedule of rolling events.

I am also trying to identify (three) media-trained spokespeople for the breadth of rights from state, civil and other organizations who can effectively articulate campaign messages with a national nuance. These spokespeople/experts will be called on for proactive and reactive media engagement. They will be provided with written and verbal briefings.

Should you wish to be actively involved and leave your mark, please get back to me.

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