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moving to Malta from Italy

Hello guys,

I am an Indonesian married to an Italian and we have a 2 y.o baby boy. We are thinking to relocate to Malta for Protected content . I would like to ask a couple of questions, since I browsed on internet, and I got confused about residency and taxation and the health benefit in Malta. I hope the expats here would help :)

1. I saw that there are 2 types of residency, the ordinary residency & permanent residency, is it correct? Which one is more suitable for us who plan to live there for Protected content ?
2. Since we would like to relocate, we are thinking about the taxation. One of the reason we would like to move to Malta is because it is considered low compare to Italy. Is it correct that if we choose to have permanent residency of Malta, we pay only 15% flat rate? What is the consequences? Is this rate also applied to a photographer who has source of work not in Malta (outside Malta)
3. For the hospital etc, do we need to buy insurance or as an EU citizens (and me marrying an EU citizen) how is the rules?

If you have any (reliable) links to explain about this, I would really appreciate it. I read some tax consultation page, but I got confused because one to others different.
All advices are appreciated much!


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