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Moving to Malta- Seeking Advice!

Hi everyone.

I am a Brit who has spent the last ten years living in New York City. I am planning on moving to Malta within the next six months for a number of reasons; mainly being closer to my family in England- also to enjoy a better quality of life day to day!

My main interests are learning more about employment and accommodation in Malta. I need to learn more about both and hopefully develop a network prior to the move. A little bit of background. My degree, I majored in Psychology and have ten years experience in the field of Social Services. I also have Protected content or so in Sales & Marketing. I have also written freelance for a number of websites, covering music, sport (Football!) and some comedy sites. Any advice on what the job market is at the moment and what opportunities I may be considered for would be greatly appreciated.

And....Home! As far as living goes I would be looking preferably for a studio or a one bedroom apartment. If you folks could throw some ideas at me in terms of what I may expect to pay in which areas that would be truly appreciated. I would also be open to the idea of renting a room or sharing with the right folks.

Considering time is on my side prior to the move the more friends or networking I can do between now and then- well all the better. A good few folks on this site have already began sharing some very helpful information with me and I only registered over the past couple of days.

Once again, all and any information and advice would be truly appreciated and I really look forward to hearing from each and everyone who shares information with me.

Wishing you all a very happy Friday and a wonderful weekend.

All the best,


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