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pets to re home (Malta)


i have 2 pets , one is a queen adelaide dog called max, 6 years and i cat almost 6 years, both are well trained, have had being operated and tagged, i can help to re tag them to the rightful owners.. i need to leave the country but ceant as funds are not possible to take everyone... as we are still waiting for justice for the wrong doings whilst arriving here in malta..
it is appreciated if someone could help us out as it is really looking bad for me to advertise all the time here and malta is trying to give itself a better image for the EU it is sickening for me and not my fault for what got done to me.. can someone help my out it would be appreciated and less of the english stiff upper lip part... and more i will give a helping hand bit, can this place show we care and help each other out i am here for 7 years time to stop with me around here... thanks and its appreciated to help me out with the pets...

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