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Arabic Music and Oud Lessons Anyone? (Manama)

سلام عليكم يا جميع
انا اريد ان اتعلم عزف العود و كمان بدي اتعلم اغنياء عربية
و ما معنتها خصوصا الاغنياء العربية القديمة من كل بلاد الشام و مصر والخليج

I live and work in Bahrain and I am learning Arabic as fast as I can! I would like someone to teach me Arabic songs, and explain what they mean and the history of Arab music, and maybe how to play the oud! I would especially like to learn songs that I can sing from Bahrain, and Palestine, or Um Kulthum songs are always lovely too :)

Would anyone like to share or teach what they know? Have some tea time and music? I'm happy to compensate you for your time in some way!

I can understand Arabic well, much better than I can speak it, but I'm working on that ;) so if your English is not so good than that's not a problem at all.

الف شكر

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