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Cheated with Internet (Manama)

Be aware when you sign up for Home Broadband with VIVA, they are cheating!

I have a subscription for Home Broadband with Menatelecom/VIVA. The download speeds are very slow - often less than 1 Mbps, rarely more than 4 Mbps. The provider is not willing or able to tell which speed is supposed to be available. After several complaints I finally went to the VIVA store to give them a last chance to fix it or cancel the service. They promised to send a technician to check out the device (still didn't happen). However, after coming back home from the VIVA store I suddenly have download speeds of Protected content (never had that during one month of continuously monitoring the speed). It looks very much as if they were knowingly throttling down my speed, especially after calling me to ask for upgrade of the service. Those calls come very often, and I always refuse. Now they give me a good speed so when the technician comes nothing will be wrong.

I'm considering changing to Batelco. They do publish the speeds they are offering. Did anybody have good/bad experiences with Batelco? Do they live up to their promises?

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