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If you’re looking to improve your lap times, kart control and overall race craft, then my high performance Kart Driver Development Program is for you. I will help you improve speed, cornering, consistency, and safety while on the track. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced pro, I can provide you with the tools and knowledge to take your driving to the next level.

My driver training courses start in the classroom, with an explanation of kart racing basics and techniques including drive line, braking points, kart control, and vehicle dynamics. After this portion is complete you’ll head out to the track with me. The first session will consist of lead-follow exercises where I will show you the line, then follow you to check your progress. Later sessions will be observed on the side-lines as you show off the day’s work. After each session I will go over any notes, and explain lines and vehicle dynamics concepts in further depth.

The key to the success of my driver coaching is my ability to tailor a package to each individual driver's objectives. I work on the principle that each driver has unique coaching needs and I do not use prescriptive training packages. Everything will be tailored to you based on your stated objectives.

I have extensive experience in coaching as my team has gone on to win the Bahrain Championship, reached Redbull Bahrain Finals out qualifying Protected content and myself racing in Bahrain, Dubai and Paris, France over 3 years professionally!

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