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Cost of Living (Manama)


Hello! My fiance and I are moving overseas for the first time ever, and its to Bahrain! We are both very exited but very new to all this. I was wondering if any of you could let me know how well our salary is and approx how much we should spend on housing and a car ( we have a general idea on how much everything costs, but still hard to determine if the salary is good or not).

We will be offered total about 12,000 US dollars a month, so approx 4,523 BHD a month. This does not include any housing or car allowance, everything is coming out of this amount. It does include health insurance and annual return tickets to the US.

Do you think that is a good amount for 2 adults and a doggie? We are looking to get a pretty nice apt on reef island or something (hear its nice there) and leasing 1 car.


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