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Dog for adoption with strings attached! (Manama)

His name is and will always be Moody. I'm looking for someone who will give him an indoor home at least during the summer and will allow me to visit him or maybe have a shared custody kind of arrangement.
There is a long story on how he came into my life which I will not bore everyone with.
Moody has a huge personality and is actively playful. I named him moody and he's earned that name over the past year and a half!
Not sure what breed he is. Even the vet couldn't tell me. I've done a lot of research and I think he is an Affenpinscher. He is up to date with his shots till next year.
The only reason I'm willing to give him up is that I've finally sorta accepted that my living situation is unfair to him and I want what's best for him.

I'd prefer someone with experience in dealing with dogs and stubborn people. A saint of some sort, u know!

You can check out pics of his moodiness on my profile.

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