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Honest mechanic? (Manama)

Hello everyone!
I bought a 98 Polo VW when I arrived here over a year ago simply to get me from point A to B, and I have had issues with... I want to say the alternator from early on. I was recommended a mechanic but I have lost all faith & trust in him, plus I feel he rips me off & does nothing. Initially I dealt with his brother who was very kind & honest, barely took any payment & worked diligently. However, it's the other brother who runs their business & the last 3 times I called them for battery issues & what not, I had to deal with the one I have always had a mistrust towards. Last time I called him to check something out & make sure the vehicle was up to par with all the fluids & what not, I really believe he did absolutely nothing yet charged me. A week later my car completely broke down because the timing belt blew. This is something I would have thought a mechanic would have noticed & informed me that needed changing. Anyways another friend took my car to a garage where they fixed everything. I have the invoice of the place & I guess I can call them up because now my car won't start. My headlights went really dim about a month ago, & the gas gauge went crazy one day but I think it's still working & I really don't think my car is out of gas. I think the problem may not be too serious, perhaps a lose wire or something where the charge is not getting to the starter or however that works. Does anyone have any recommendation? I have anything but a fancy car and I have no intention of keeping it. If I get it working again at the end of my tour I'm just giving it away despite having spent several hundred BD on it. I think it's not worth selling but I do want it working while I am here. I any appreciate any suggestions or recommendations for a good mechanic. Thank you.

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