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US Presidential Race . What you think . (Manama)

Well not everyone is fan of US foreign policy here and rightly so , but this time its little different . For me its really interesting what's happening in US right now . There are two extremes on both sides , both being outsiders . Trump , loud mouthing and sending out his crazy ideas and yet topping the polls because he doesn't speak like the usual US politicians do . He is embarrassment for the republicans yet no one knows what to do with him . He is dangerous but appeal to that psyche of Americans which the world knows exist in abundance but they are too diplomatic to admit it .

On the other side ( Democrat ) there is Bernie Sanders. He is an outsider as well . He talks about subjects which no politician or their funding corporates wants to be in public . Income inequality , Flawed Funding Model . He is a socialist which makes it quite interesting as socialism is such a hated ideology in west. But he makes sense and getting support because again he is an outsider and appeals to people who are sick of the sameness in policies of every US president and also the Corporate Politician nexus that runs the show .

I have been following these debates and find it very interesting . And it will ultimately have profound effect on this region as its the middle east which is again in focus this election thanks to ISIS.

So what you think folks . What are your views on this .

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