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what to do on weekends?!?!?!?!?!?! (Manama)

hello people, i have been in bahrain a few months now and each day that passes i get more and more bored. i have a busy schedule during the week however my weekends are extremely boring. i have been to a few parties during the f1 week which i thoroughly enjoyed however i was in the company of a few friends from the UK, i did notice that their are a good number of expats here however i don't know where the general crowd go come the weekends. can anyone recommend any good nightclubs/bars to go to? i am 25yrs old, and should be living life at a much faster and more exciting pace than colleagues are great and i enjoy their company however, they don't go out much and tend not go to nightclubs/bars etc. that and they are all male, which is slowly killing me..........

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