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Englishman seeking European friends. (Manchester)


Wow, it's very quiet in here. That's a shame.

I am looking to make great European friends, especially eastern European as I have a strong interest in the culture of former soviet republics and the wonderful people that came from the sort of conditions that were prevalent in those times.

I know for a lot of Eastern European people it's a topic that they don't like to remember or talk about and, I don't want to pry too much, I just want to meet you because you are really unique.

I have met quite a few Eastern Europeans and they're nearly always so warm, cultured, open minded, friendly, tactile and full of a kind of energy you don't really get with us Brits. We're quite a closed off bunch which is odd really seeing as we live in a country that's always been quite wealthy and "soft".

An example: I get public transport as, the pandemic cost me everything, including my beloved little car. On the bus, us Brits have our heads buried in our phones. We dare not sit next to another human being if there aren't two seats available for our one bum. I laughed to myself the other day when there was one person on every two seats, and just this big group of people huddled like scared sheep at the front of the bus, stood up. Lol.

I never saw this in Ukraine. People sat next to each other, they spoke, they laughed. Same in Turkey.

I am really interested in nuclear physics, radiation and of course, the disaster that happened at Chernobyl. I am a student at the moment in therapeutic radiography. I decided to do something useful for other people with my interest in nuclear radiation. At the tender young age of 39! I would love for a Ukranian to show me around Kyiv and come with me/us to Chernobyl and Pripyat and see also see the amazing wildlife that now inhabits the exclusion zone. Anyone up for Fukushima?!

I am completely open to all suggestions of travel. I'm just not your typical Brit with regards to travel: staying at an English hotel in Magaluf, having English food drinking English beer lol with a Mcr United top on.

I would love to make friends that could or would head out with me one weekend and just go somewhere and assimilate some culture, here or in Europe or maybe anywhere on the planet!

I have no children, no family and my friends have both of those in great numbers which means I am sort of at the bottom of a list of "to do" with regards to communication and hanging out. My health isn't the best, my kidneys are failing and I am currently in stage 3. I would love to do things with people and meet people before dialysis becomes a weekly burden and if worst comes to worst, I need a transplant and can't find a donor. I'm not really afraid of death, I'm more afraid of not having lived.

So I want to make an international family and friends network of my own.

If you're a Brit who isn't particularly British then, that means you, too!

Male or female, young or old, left or right or centre, just drop me a line.

Oh and I love to cook for people. So if you have a favorite dish from your home country, I'd love to learn how to make it for you.

All the best


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