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Proposal of new group for Entrepreneurs! (Manchester)

Hi there,

Just had an idea to create a group for expats interested in anything business related - but first I would love to find out how many people out there are interested in this subject.

I am working full time in haulage industry however i used to run number of small businesses and currently invest in real estate which quickly became my favourite asset class.

Aim of this group would be to gather people who run their own businesses or would like to start a new one but they haven't got network of people who can make things happen or simply need some encouragement or advise.
It would also work well for people who are not involved in business at all so they can listen to what other people do and how they are working towards their financial freedom.
It would also benefit nicely people like me who invest in one asset class but would like to listen about investments in other asset classes.
Listening to what other people do in order to look after their future or future of their kids could inspire and motivate to action and i know that from my own experience.

I can imagine meeting would consist of few speakers explaining on board what they do, why and what they want to achieve. I would be more than happy to provide you with few case studies about what i do. After presentation there woulde be number of subjects to talk about and we can do it over a drink in local pub.

I strongly believe expats are really "hungry" for success and we are very responsible financially as there is not that many people we can count on.

Therefore doesn't matter how much you are interested in this subject - this group would be beneficial for you!

Let me know your thoughts!


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