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Shout out to all Expats and Locals in Manchester


Hi all the beloved people of the world,

My name is Raffay Rana and like most of the people who come across this community, I am an expat from Pakistan. I have recently moved to Manchester for my full time job in financial services.

Now as much as the love for travelling has become a cliché these days, I genuinely love to travel around various cities and country side for a peaceful night under the stars or a long scenic trek up the hills to enjoy the mesmerising sunset near a lake or above the mountain. More importantly I have a strong passion to meet new people and discover their stories and sharing my own.

Give me a buzz up if you want to meet over a cup of tea, enjoy the early evenings in a British way over a pint or explore the lush green landscape in the countryside or whatever . . . one life many stories :D

Cheers, gracias, tesekker, merci, shukria, spasibo

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