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Be careful with landlady (Manila)

Dear expat friends,
I am writing this topic to warn you to be careful with landlady. I don't mean all landladies but I have bad experiences with some of them, especially Aizel Bayani Kim in Megaplaza building near Robinson Galleria, Ortigas center.
On Nov 26, Protected content , me and my officemate signed contracts with her to move in her unit by Dec 9. She required us to give her 70% of one month deposit, one month advance, mean Protected content . Then by Dec 8, she texted us that the room is not yet available, we need to wait till Dec 16. Then by Dec 15, she texted us that she can not arrange for us to move in, because her mother is in hospital, and she will come back by Dec 18. And Dec 18, she said that her grandmother just passed away, and ask us to wait till Dec 22 ... And by that time, I asked her for my money back. Then she deposited check, and check return because account closed. I even did not pay attention to it, till the day I came to BPI to deposit money for my friend and the bank informed me. I texted her and she delay one week, then deposited check again, and check return again.
I even filed a case again her at Barangay San Antonio police station, then I had a police report, then finally I got back my money by Feb 18.
It was a very long story which cost me many time, energy, mind and even tears that she always have some reason to delay. For example, she said that I will deposit by 10 am, then by 10am, she said there are many depositors here, I can't wait, I will bring to your office by 3pm. And by 3pm, her husband text me that: I don't allow my wife to come to your office, I will bring to your office by tomorrow. Then tomorrow, he said: I need to go somewhere with my officemate, I will bring to you tomorrow. Then next day, another time, Aizel texts me: my husband said that it's too traffic, he will simply deposit it .... Sometime I got crazy with her, she made me can not focus on my work. I asked help from my officemate and she even threaten my officemate that her husband is a policeman and 2 uncles of her husband are congressman ...
One time he also texted me that her husband is a policeman. I said that: I don't care, even your husband is President of the Philippines, I have right to get back my money.
I just want to write here to warn you guys be careful, since I did not experience it in my home country (Vietnam). Initially, I thought that I need to pay 70% in advance to keep the room, that's why I agreed it.
I still keep the returned check, the police report and the copy version of her Identify card as evidence. If you guys are near Robinsons Galleria and want to see them, it's ok.
Thank for reading!

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