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Extended stay in the Philippines (Manila)

I will be traveling to the Philippines by years end to start the process of settling down with a woman I am currently engaged to be married to. As this would be my second marriage to a Filipina (the first ended in a divorce after 10yrs of marriage and she is now a US citizen), I would be attempting to settle down in the Philippines to start as a single American Expat. What is the best way to start the process and how often would I need to leave the Philippines due to the visitor and immigration laws? This is a first for me and I am a bit confused by all that I have read so far of all of the challenges in making this a reality to settle in the Philippines. I have no set retirement income as of yet, and no pensions, but I am financially capable to support myself and my Asawa to be for the remainder of our lives.

Thank you and I hope to hear from anyone with sound input.

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