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Good things happen!!! (Manila)


Dear All,

I would like to thank the girls from the Muji shop in the Fort!!!
Was in the shop today, and left happy for I got something at the very good price. Then went on to other places, wondering the street.
40 min later realised that the flower that was attached to my purse was gone. I was not sure were I had lost it, but took my chances, and went back to the shops (the flower is precious to me, as I am a lover for girly things, and they don't come cheap). As soon as I went back to the Muji, the girls were standing with a smile on their faces, asking me if I had returned for the Flower!!! It made my day!!! Thank you.

This might sound like nothing special, but considering what I have been told about the people of the Filippines, thought sharing the good things might be fair too.

Thank you!

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