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Looking for buyer (Manila)

We supply wide range of ready made mainly:-

• Basic round neck
• Basic with collars
• T-shirts in strips
• T-shirts in cut-n-sleeves
• T-shirts with sports logo

Track suits:
• Track suits with zip
• Track suits with hoods
• Track suits in round neck

• Jackets with cotton case
• Jackets with polyester case

Warmer and Inner Wear:
• For Men
• For Women
• For Kids

Sweat Shirts:
• Round neck
• Half-neck collard
• Full sleeves zipper
• Full sleeves with hood

• Sweater
• Full-sleeves (Half neck with collars)
• Full-sleeves with zip or buttons

All these items are available many colors, in singles and multi ones. We can fix your logo, brand or design as we already supply to many reputed brands & fashion-houses of America & Europe.

We are India-based company supplying wide range of ready mades to reputed brands of USA, EUROPE , CANADA, DUBAI, SINGAPORE, AUSTRAILIA, RUSSIA AND ROMANIA. As India grows finest quality of cotton, we have good quality knitting here, environment friendly dying process and then latest technology knitting to present finest quality of cotton blends acceptable in international market.

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