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Maid Services in the Philippines (Manila)

I think you will find this interesting on Maid Services for Expats in the Philippines

Live-in maids and helpers are common in middle-class homes. The cost is relatively low compared with other countries. On average, maids get paid about $50 a month plus food to start and can raise up to $80 over a one year period.

Most maids will live in. Houses and apartments have separate "maid quarters" that generally have a bedroom and bath and often a separate kitchen.

It is less common, though not unheard of, to find maids who live out and come in only on a daily or part time basis. You will pay more for staff that lives out. It is more common for drivers to live out, though this is very much an individual family's decision.

Maids employed by expats usually get one day off per week. Employers may also choose to pay for basic toiletries and laundry soap and the employer’s share of SSS (Social Security System).

There are maid agencies that can be found conveniently in the phone books as well as notice boards in supermarkets, newspapers and word of mouth. It is always important to check references and call their previous employer, especially if they are live-in maids. You may also want to think about using an agency to help you with the formalities.

Let me know if you need further info on this as I have numbers for maid services here in Manila


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