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Makati : studio, gym, language schools (any ideas) (Manila)

Hi all,

I'm moving to Philippines soon and I wanted some help brainstorming about some things I'll be looking for...

My location would be at walking distance from the Ayala triangle.

Apartment / condo :
I'm coming from a very different place so I'm not sure what are the options here. I'd be looking to rent a modern studio - if possible with a cleaning service included. Are here any reknown/serious businesses specialized in this? What's better in terms of security? I've heard some vague stories about break-ins.

Gym :
Basically, I'm looking for a large well-equipped gym. Ideally, I'm also looking for Muay-Thai and/or SanDa, BJJ, Silat... In my experience, it's not always easy to find everything in the same place.

Language school :
I definitely want to take some Tagalog classes.
Other two languages I want to keep fresh are Mandarin and French. There's no time for everything so I'll decide depending on availability and my work schedule...

I know it's a lot of questions but I'm not looking for definitive answers, just some ideas...

Thank you...

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