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Medical - skin cancer treatment (Manila)

I recently developed a spot on my head. Some years ago in Australia I had some pre-cancerous spots excised from my head, so was expecting to get more as time went on. A biopsy on this one was done and diagnosed as Bowenoid actinic keratosis. The surgeon here in the Philippines said it was non-cancerous, but I thought it was not in his realm to make such a diagnosis, and checked on the internet. Although actinic keratosis is not cancerous, the Bowenoid form is. I emailed my doctor in Australia with photos, who confirmed it was cancer. She prescribed a chemotherapy cream, Efudix. This was not available here, so I got some sent from Australia. I had to apply it for a month, then wait 2 months. It seems to have cleared up. I still have Efudix, as you only have to apply small amounts, and its expiry is in 2 years. It was a bit expensive to buy and ship, so if anyone of you develops the same type of skin cancer you may want to use mine before it expires. I live in northern Metro Manila.

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