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Moving back to Manila, what to do about status?

Hello expats and fellow Pinoys. I am a FilAm, lived in Manila for over 17 years and migrated to the US. I only have my mother in Manila and she is at an age where she needs constant care. I have my family here in Atlanta, GA but am willing to move to be with my mother. My immigration situation is an issue as I am an American citizen, never was a Filipino citizen, only a resident for all the time I lived there. It seems I am ineligible for dual citizenship because I was born before Protected content I follow my father's citizenship, US. I do not want to loose my connection to the Philippines, is there any way for me to live in Manila as a resident and work there? I am looking into seeing if my company could use me in our Asian Pacific market, but that is still wishful thinking. We already have a home and some relatives so at least I am covered in that area. Suggestions welcome...

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