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Moving to Manila August/September



My husband and I and our 2 boys (6 and 4 years) old are moving to Manila from Melbourne in the next few months. We have a lot to do here and a lot to sort out in Manila so I was hoping to get some help from people using this forum. We have lived in London before, but Manila seems a bit more daunting. We are excited about the proximity to other places and the travel we can do, however we are a bit stressed of how our day to day life will be impacted. So any help will be appreciated.

1. My husband will be working in Makati and the boys are likely to go to BSM or ISM if we can get a spot. We are thinking of Rockwell, one roxas triangle or the fort. We would really like a Protected content condo. We have two very active boys and really need some space. I would prefer the security of a condo to a house, so we really only want to look at condos. We would like a condo with facilities (i.e pool, gym) and preferably some green area that the boys can run around in or ride bikes/scooters. Is there any one with experience of living in these or with recommendations of places within the fort. Any help and/or advice will be appreciated. We are also looking for unfurnished as we will be bringing all our furniture with us.

Also do I need to find a building with a generator? Does the electricity go out much? How much impact do the typhoons have?

2. Where do we do our grocery shopping? What is the quality of the food like?

3. Drs and hospitals. What do I need to do in regards to drs? Do you need to register? Is there any recommendations of good drs or paediatricians? This is one thing that worries me as I have the two little boys, one who has had a few issues in the past that we have needed medical help for. He is well now, but I would feel much better if I knew how this worked etc in Manila. This is one of my main worries.

4. We are having a driver organised through the company, however I will need to hire a yaya. Preferably not a live in. I'm not sure how it works and what kinds of questions I should be asking when I interview them. Does anyone have any advice in regards to this or anyone leaving that has a great ya ya they could recommend.

5. Are Mosquitos a big problem? I have a child who is allergic to mosquito bites. Do I need to put deet on them everyday? I'd prefer not to because of the chemicals, but if mosquitoes are a problem then I will. I also don't want them getting dengue fever.

6. I like to play tennis and would like to be able to continue in Manila. Is there a club you can join to play with other expats, get lessons etc?

Ok, that's my first list of questions! I am sure there will be more! Thanks in advance for anyone who has any suggestions and/or advice. It will be greatly appreciated.


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