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Overstay visa/MR (Manila)

Hi all, I'm a graduate of Maritime transportation and at this time I need to take a compulsory twelve month sea-time experience but I'm faced with an overstay visa due to the waiting time on getting a new passport coming from Bangkok. I've received a new passport in the month of sept. hurried down to BI, Student desk QC. to see if I could get back on 9f visa but I was told to secure a letter of Acceptance from my school (NOWA) and then come back to them to downgrade & file for MR. I was told the whole process will cost P50k for overstay and P45k for MR (in an oral conversion with BI official). I met the International student rep. from my school to ask for the letter, he said "I have to be enrolled for 4th year semester'' which I did Protected content preparation for Internship while waiting for new passport too. I asked again for the letter, he said " he has written to immigration if they will allow foreign cadet take Internship" and they are still waiting for feedback. Now few day ago the International student rep. said CHED issued a memo that there is a temporary suspension for Internship this year in all program due to nation wide pandemic. I looked up CHED official website to confirm then I saw this " This temporary suspension does not cover the internship program of the Maritime Education" I have tried to discuss with the University President to expedite action with the letter and co-ordinate with CHED/MARINA/IMMIGRATION but they wont let connect me with his office. My mistake is listening to the promises from the University International student rep and Shipboard dep. that they will get me onboard and fix my visa once my passport is okay. that how I got into this mess. I need expat advice on what to do please.

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