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Relocating (Manila)

I am a Malaysian and I will be relocating to the Philippines sometime in January 14. I got a few questions and I hope some of you can share your experience with me.

1) I have been hearing mix reviews about crime/safety. From your experience, is it as bad as what some people make it out to be? There is crime everywhere, before I started work in Jakarta a lot of people were warning me about the importance of being safe, found it totally livable. Could be the area I was living in.

2) What is the percentage of personal income tax in Philippines?

3) Any recommendations on where it is nice/safe place to stay? My office is in Makati and I would like to stay somewhere close, not too keen on being stuck in traffic for Protected content getting to work.

4) My wife loves going to the wet markets to buy fresh fish, meats & vegetables, anywhere decent where we can get fresh produce? how was your experience in doing this?

5) Internet speeds- I have read that Sky is one of the better options, any other providers I should look at?

I think I shall stop for now, any advice on what to look out for would be much appreciated. Every country has its problems and I believe with proper knowledge, one can make a pleasant experience out of living anywhere.


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