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Smartphone (Android) Techies? (Manila)


Are there people here knowledgeable in Android OS stuff? I'm putting my geek mode on, and I'm trying to flash a new firmware to my SGS2 for the first time. I wouldn't be doing this if I could find another solution to my problem - boot loop.

I woke up this morning and saw my phone has no power (off). I plugged in the usb to recharge the battery, and when it was full, I turned on the phone. That's when I found that it's gone to a boot loop. I am not sure what caused this. I didn't do anything with the phone yesterday besides the usual and downloading an app (LinkedIn) from the play store.

I've had a problem with this phone for a couple of months now, and the tech guys at the malls told me it's grounded (I spilled juice on my phone at the dinner table once, a long time ago). I read on an adroids forum that some people got their phones (SGS2) to boot loop, or even "brick", because of getting water/liquid into the device.

Does anyone here know how to deal with this issue, besides getting a new phone? If you know someone who could help me, please let me know. I'd greatly appreciate it. TIA!


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