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Surviving societies - the latest activity group (Manila)

With the various activity groups out there, I'd like to invite you to the latest one, Surviving Societies. This activity group was born out of the discussion in one of the activities done by an IN group saying there's no group doing/teaching the basics in surviving the different countries and cultures. Basic gist: each month a different country/culture would be the topic of discussion, maybe for this month, we can teach you about surviving the Philippines (customs, traditions, basic words, places to see, things to do, etc), maybe some locals or even expats who have been in each country long enough can share their experiences or next month someone will teach us about their culture, maybe do some activities and try food for each of the country/culture to be tackled (example: if we agree on taking on Argentina - maybe aside from just talking, we can try some tango?). This would be an exchange of thoughts, ideas, learnings, customs and traditions. We need each other's ideas and experiences to make this work so I hope you'd be open to sharing your culture to us.

We are very much open to hear from you and your ideas, interests and what would help you. Let me know if you have questions. :)

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