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The single largest threat to the Philippines. (Manila)


Arthur Netteler-

"Liberalism in any form, though touted to be the end-all and be-all of social equality, is exactly the opposite! Under Liberalism there ARE only two classes of people, the Ruling Class, and the masses referred to as the Ruled Class. The Ruling Class are the Social Elites, seen as the great thinkers and providers for those deemed too uneducated to understand what is best for them. The way the Ruling Class maintains control of the masses is to have as many people as possible on some form of Public Assistance. Be they work as a Government employee or Welfare recipient. These citizens are cultivated by the Ruling Class by advancing the belief that Government is the only one that can take care of their needs. After Protected content of these teachings the Ruling Class assures they will not be Voted out of power. All they have to do is campaign that if you elect OTHERS they will take your Jobs and Benefits away from you."

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