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Turf Battle Among Indian Nationals (Manila)

Last month I was in Iloilo. The news was hot about an Indian national who was abducted for ransom but was killed anyway, after the family paid a sum of some undisclosed amount. Interviews with the victim's family members point to compatriots as no less than the suspected masterminds. The principal angle given was turf battle.

Micro-lending/financing is the most common business/occupation of Indian nationals in the Philippines. They establish their customer-base in certain city districts or towns. And trouble sparks when an enterprising Indian national crosses the boundary and does business in a domain known to be held by another.

I was surprised to know that the same situation is happening in Manila. I met with a group of expatriates from India in the office of the Hon. Mayor Fred Lim of Manila, to inform the Mayor about this serious concern. Crimes committed among and between them were being not picked-up by mainstream media. Thus, many people are unaware of what’s happening in the Indian community in Manila, and likely elsewhere as was for in Iloilo.

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