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We lost everything (Manila)

December 8th Protected content a very bad day for us, I woke up to things falling on the floor in our store above us, and when I went outside to see what was going on I saw flames in 2 of the back sections of our grocery store. I then grabbed my hose and started spraying into the window where I saw flames, and told my wife to get the key to the store, once she opened the door, I went inside to hold the fire down until the fire department could get there in hopes to salvage all our personal stuff in our home downstairs, just as I was making progress, the fire burned the circut that our water pump was connected to and I lost all water pressure, I then went downstairs where my wife had already gotten our 4 year old daughter out and tried getting things out as fast as I could, I really wanted to salvage what i could, but before I could make it to the bedroom for any of my daughters stuff and any of our clothes, the fire was to hot and began falling thru the ceiling. EVERYTHING was lost, all 3 of our businesses and our house and all the contents were destroyed. We were planning on having our 4 year old daughters birthday party the next day however everything we had for her was in the fire. Even money was lost in the fire. We now have absolutely nothing, no home, no way to get the money back, no income, we had to watch as our whole life savings went up in flames. We both are so sad, on our daughters birthday there was a typhoon, now the day before her party we loose everything in a fire and we see non chance of any kind of christmas. I just do not know how I am gonna explain this to her when she starts asking for her green pillow or her laptop cootter, or her dora movies, It truely has been the worst experience of my life. I tried everything I could even have a few burns on my arms and legs trying my best to hold the fire down until the department got there. It took them 30 minutes to respond and by then all was in flames the roof had blown off and the floor dropped thru. If you can think of any way to help us out we sure would appreciate it. We have set up a donation site for anyone who feels compelled to donate to us. This site was actually recommended by one of our internations friends. Thank you for all your help.

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