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What is new in the restaurant industry in the Phil (Manila)

Champions Sports Bar and Restaurant!! Protected content

Champions is using cutting edge hardware and software technology to provide a tablet based digital menu. From the moment you walk into the warm, resort-style, family environment richly constructed of mahogany, leather, and slate, until the moment you leave, you will have a new world experience surrounded by Filipino charm.

The restaurant offers the guest a digital menu of international and local cuisine. No more ripped, sticky, or out of date paper menus. When you sit down at the solid granite top table, which has mounted to the table Lenovo yoga touch screen tabs with Champion’s DigiMenu installed. With a single touch of your finger you can view the menu, the ingredients and plating of every meal, as well as the history of the dish and origin. You can watch your meal being cook via the Lenovo tab if you wish. All of Champions products are available from the tablet with the touch on the screen, you can summon a waitress to your table without waving your arms or raising your voice. A simple touch will do it.

The financial benefits to the restaurant owner are enormous, from the back office inventory, to staff biometrics login/logoff. All dishes ingredients are entered into the DigiMenu system so when the chef prepares a meal, the ingredients are automatically taken out of inventory. So you have the abilityto watch your inventory minute by minute. The DigiMenu system also gives you a breakdown of what item sells best, and at what time of the day. The system will also alert you when it is time to restock various items in you restaurant. We set ours DigiMenu at 30% so when any item gets to that level it prompts you to restock.

For the marketing side of the business, the DigiMenu has a built in loyalty system. All regular customers are provided a locality card that is swiped at the billing stage. Points for the total cost of the meal are added to the card,, these points accumulate on the card, and then in the future the points can be used for food, drinks, entertainment and even a game of golf.

Staff finger print biometrics keep track of all staff arrival and departure times. The DigiMenu system will also assist the staff workload balancing, showing you the busiest time of your restaurant operations and help allocate the proper staff.

In summary, the DigiMenu system offers
• WoW factor for customer
• No out of date or ripped menu
• Advance loyalty program
• Reducing time for stock taking
• saving on cost of overordering slow moving items
• Reduces the chance of running out of product
• Allows for advance food preperation
• Staff workload balancing
• daily written report of product sales and time of day what items sell the best

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